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For close to 20 years, the team at Red Sea Safaris have been providing specialist liveaboard travel services to the Red Sea.

Now, with access to over 80 luxury Red Sea Liveaboards, the Red Sea Safaris can help make your Red Sea travel dreams a reality.

If you are currently looking to arrange a safari to the Red Sea and would like to speak to one of our Red Sea Safari specialists, please feel free to contact us

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Latest Articles, Features and Offers

Exploring the Hey Daroma: Uncovering the History and Mystery of a Red Sea Shipwreck

Beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Egyptian Red Sea lies a hidden piece of history, the Hey Daroma. This passenger/cargo ship, originally known as the Lairds Loch, embarked on [...]

By |November 4, 2023|Red Sea Wreck Diving Features|

Discovering the Depths: The History of the Hebat Allah Wreck in the Red Sea

The Red Sea, with its stunning coral reefs and vibrant marine life, is a mecca for divers from around the world. Yet, as its popularity soared, the need for [...]

By |November 1, 2023|Red Sea Wreck Diving Features|
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